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restaurant equipment in Amarillo texas

There are several pieces of equipment needed to run a restaurant, but coolers, refrigerators, and walk-in freezers are especially important. Refrigeration is important as it preserves your food and allows you to function efficiently every day. Read on to learn about four different types of restaurant refrigeration and how this restaurant equipment can help your business.

Basics of restaurant refrigeration

The term refrigeration refers to any free-standing piece of equipment used to store cold food, including refrigerators and freezers. Both pieces of equipment come in a range of sizes and configurations. Commercial refrigerators are designed to keep temperatures between 34°F and 40°F. Commercial freezers keep temperatures between -10°F and 0°F.

The ability to preserve food, a compressor ventilation component, and stainless steel shells are common traits of restaurant refrigeration equipment. The following are a few different options to look at for your restaurant.

Reach-in refrigerators and freezers

Many restaurants utilize the storage benefits of reach-in refrigerators and freezers. The storage capacity of these pieces of equipment is determined by cubic feet. The units are often kept to the back of the kitchen, because they perform better away from the heat of stoves. Some of the most common reach-in units include blast chillers, under counter freezers, and ice cream cabinets.

Refrigerated prep tables

There are two different configurations for refrigerated prep tables. You can choose either a sandwich and salad table or a pizza prep table. The difference between these two tables is the depth of the cutting board. The prep tables are designed for use in a cooking line or preparation area. This restaurant equipment keeps fresh food pans at the ready and has drawers below the counter for additional cold storage.

Display refrigeration

Looking to openly display food for purchase? A display refrigeration unit is designed to display both food and beverages through a glass front door. This equipment is great for restaurants that offer take-out or self-serve items on the menu, like bakeries and delis. A refrigerated display also offers a great opportunity to show off a delicious selection of your products.

Under-counter refrigeration drawers

Refrigeration drawers, commonly called fish-drawers, are generally used to hold seafood, poultry, and other types of meat. These drawers are a great choice for small kitchens that need to save space. Under-counter refrigeration equipment is made for installation directly in a cooking line, near the sauté stations and grill.

Golden Light Equipment has the restaurant equipment you need

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