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commercial kitchen supplies in Amarillo texas

Last Updated on: 6th February 2020, 01:25 pm

Loading a restaurant kitchen with equipment and supplies is a lot like packing for a lengthy trip overseas. You must choose the items that are best suited for your purposes and limit yourself to no more than necessary. The best thing to do in the selection process of commercial kitchen supplies is to prioritize the features and qualities rather than the aesthetic appeal. The four most important qualities of any kitchen equipment you look at are: safety, functionality, quality, and design.

1. Safety

Safety comes first. It ranks far more important than aesthetic appeal in a professional kitchen, so search for products that prevent accidents. For instance, silicone is a textured, non-skid substance that allows for an easy grip, even when the hands are wet. With that said, you would put more value on knives, graters, and beaters that feature a silicone handle.

Length is another crucial element to consider in your commercial kitchen supplies. To prevent burns caused by oil, select tongs that are a minimum of 12 inches long and have a locking mechanism to keep them from opening. Shop for long, flexible, and heatproof spatulas as well. Knives should have blades that preferably span the entire length of their handles for peak durability. Length does not translate to cords, however. Since using electrical devices near water may be dangerous, seek out cord-free products whenever you can.

2. Quality

Spend as much as you can on obtaining the highest quality pots, pans, and knives. When it comes to pots, cast-iron cookware is so durable that it tends to be passed down from generation to generation. Keep in mind that cast-iron pots must be seasoned first for a stick-free surface that gets better with time. If you’re opting for steel pots instead, be sure that they include aluminum chips on their bottom sides to disperse heat uniformly. With regard to knives, a common culinary knife handles the vast majority of slicing jobs. You also need a deboning, paring, and sawtooth knife to complete your set.

3. Multi-use capabilities

First and foremost, try to find adaptable tools that make things simpler and less dangerous, instead of unneeded gadgets that offer too many modern capabilities. Also, steer clear of commercial kitchen supplies with very limited, specific capabilities. Instead of investing in a garlic peeler, a good slap of the cloves with a culinary knife will take the skins right off. Borrow as many ideas as you can from other restaurant kitchens. For instance, a basic set of stainless steel mixing containers will not bend or blemish and performs multiple jobs.

4. Modern or classical design

Some products may seem old-fashioned, but they have been shown to be so reliable that they frequently make it into trendy industrial kitchens. A good example is the handheld stick blender, which is indispensable for blending everything from soup to applesauce.

Things like food processors, blenders, and slicers are also invaluable to most modern chefs. However, you will want to ensure that they don’t include pieces that are cumbersome to wash afterward. Other practical equipment like electrical can openers, jar openers, and spice mills can make life easier for chefs.

Golden Light Equipment carries the best commercial kitchen supplies

When it comes to selecting commercial kitchen equipment, there is not a single unit that is best for all kitchens. You have to pick the best commercial kitchen supplies to satisfy your restaurant’s particular requirements. Golden Light Equipment in Amarillo, Texas can help you select the ideal restaurant supplies for your kitchen. Call us today at (806) 373-4277 or Contact Us by email for more information about how we can help you. You can also visit us in person at 1010 SW 6th Ave. in Amarillo for more information about our services and products.