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New and established restaurants alike rely on their kitchen equipment and staff to succeed. Whether you are opening a new restaurant, or already run one, it is important to avoid making certain mistakes.

A poorly laid-out commercial kitchen

This is one of the biggest mistakes to make in a restaurant. Even if you buy high-quality equipment, if you don’t place it correctly, your kitchen will not flow well. Your staff relies on a smooth layout to do their jobs. If you already run a restaurant, you can review the flow and efficiency of your kitchen.

If you are starting a new establishment, be sure to measure and design your kitchen for optimum efficiency. You should also know what your menu will have so you can choose the right equipment. Getting professional, full-service kitchen design can help you prepare. You can also follow a restaurant equipment checklist.

Not having enough storage

This issue ties into the layout of your commercial kitchen. If you don’t have enough storage space, you could end up wasting perishable food and money. You could potentially break codes by storing tools, equipment, supplies, and food in the wrong places as well. Be sure to plan for storage before you open your restaurant.

Using bad electrical connections

Every restaurant should be safe for patrons and employees. In the kitchen, using bad connections or those with too little voltage for your equipment is dangerous. If you are opening a new restaurant, make sure your electrical is safe before you install equipment. For current restaurant owners, it is important to have regular inspections.

Not keeping up with maintenance

Commercial kitchen equipment must be maintained regularly to function. This means more than just daily cleaning, although that is important. Be sure to store all owner’s manuals to reference them for maintenance. You should also have a maintenance schedule that is handled by a professional commercial kitchen equipment company. This will help prevent expensive breakdowns, extend the life of your restaurant equipment, and improve its efficiency.

Failing to train your staff

This is one of the worst mistakes to make because your staff will be in charge of using and cleaning your kitchen equipment and safely preparing food for customers. If they do not have the proper training, experience, and certifications, they can put patrons and your restaurant at risk.

Not following codes

It is common for restaurant owners, managers, and staff to get all the necessary licenses and certifications when a restaurant opens. But, it is also common for them to ignore best practices in the future. Make sure you and your staff follow all local codes and regulations. This includes those for food safety, ventilation, restaurant equipment, and more.

Restaurant equipment supply and maintenance in Amarillo, Texas

At Golden Light Equipment, we understand the importance of using high-quality kitchen equipment. We offer a variety of equipment and supplies including ovens, refrigerators, freezers, furniture, storage, and more. Our professionals can maintain and repair your restaurant equipment and we provide Full-service Kitchen Design. To learn more about our Products and Services, give us a call at (806) 373-4277 or Send Us an Email today. You can also stop by our showroom at 1010 SW 6th Avenue in Amarillo, Texas.