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tips for cleaning commercial ovens

Last Updated on: 12th June 2018, 11:36 am

Many modern commercial ovens have features that make them a better choice than traditional ovens for some chefs. This type of commercial kitchen equipment cooks food quickly while saving you money on energy costs. For you to take advantage of their features, you must maintain your ovens well. If you take care of your commercial kitchen equipment, it will provide you with efficient cooking for many years. Cleaning is usually easy and fast, and keeping up with maintenance will help you maximize profits.

Some ovens have special features like rotisserie spits and conveyors. Your cleaning and maintenance duties should include these as well. It is important to understand how to clean your commercial ovens, as well as how often, in order to keep them operating smoothly.

Cool the oven before cleaning or maintaining it

You do not want to have to administer first aid care for burns, so make sure that your oven has cooled before you perform maintenance or cleaning tasks. Be sure that your employees are trained to follow this simple tip before they clean any commercial ovens.

Wash the oven racks

Before cleaning the inside of the commercial oven, remove the racks and set them aside to be cleaned in your commercial sink. If you place food directly on the racks to be cooked, it is especially important to remove any leftover food from them daily. This prevents other foods cooked in the oven from being tainted. Place the racks back in the oven after both have been thoroughly cleaned.

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule

If a spill occurs, you should clean it immediately. If you wait until the end of the day to clean it, you will have a much harder time getting it off the oven’s surface. A spill left in the oven all day has the potential to decrease its performance, so you should thoroughly clean the inside of the oven daily. Detergent is fine to use for cleaning unless your oven manual says a specific cleaner should be used. Be sure to wipe away crumbs, as they can cause smoking and flavor issues with food.

You should also do an in depth cleaning once a month. Even with daily cleaning, food bits may be left behind. Buildup is harder to remove with just detergent after one month’s time. Remember to read the oven manual to see how a deep cleaning should be performed.

What about self cleaning commercial ovens?

If you purchased a more expensive commercial oven with a self cleaning feature, be aware that this setting is only good for daily cleaning. You will still need to be familiar with conducting a monthly cleaning. This will ensure that your food will taste the way it should and that there will be no bacteria or debris buildup.

Cleaning a rotisserie oven

Over the course of a day of operating a rotisserie oven, the inside parts can pick up grime and grease. The spits and rotors of this kitchen equipment can become too dirty if not maintained and cleaned properly. Cleaning is not difficult even though there are many moving parts. At the end of each day, just remove the rotors and spits, then soak them in a cleaning solution in the sink. Check your manual to see which kind of detergent or cleaning solutions are best. Steam clean or wipe the inside of the rotisserie oven with cleaning solution and wipe up messes at the end of the day.

Cleaning an accelerated cooking oven

This type of commercial oven speeds up the cooking process. There is additional maintenance required for accelerated cooking ovens because they perform so many functions, like microwaving and grilling. They are more likely to have burned food messes due to higher cooking temperatures. Do not let any food mess build up, because these commercial ovens have more issues with energy and flavor. They also smoke faster than other kinds of commercial ovens.

Cleaning a conveyor oven

Many parts must be removed from this type of commercial oven in order to clean it thoroughly. These items include the conveyor belt, draft diverters, crumb trays, impinger fingers, and other parts. Depending on use, these components and the oven should be cleaned daily. However, some restaurants find that they can go a week before cleaning is needed.

Things to remember about cleaning your commercial oven

Before you take out special cleaning chemicals, try using lemon juice or vinegar (or other household items) to wipe up spills. The best time to clean your commercial ovens is at night because you need to leave their doors open for them to dry for a period of time. A good scrub brush will help you with hard to remove grime and grease. Remember to pay particular attention to cleaning around vents and fans.

Commercial kitchen equipment maintenance

If your restaurant equipment is in need of maintenance, contact the experts at Golden Light Equipment today. We can help you inspect and maintain your restaurant equipment and kitchen supplies. Contact Us by email to learn more about the Services we offer and our Products, or give us a call at (806) 373-4277. You can also visit us in person at 1010 SW 6th Ave. in Amarillo, Texas.