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restaurant equipment checklist

Last Updated on: 5th November 2018, 01:49 pm

If you’re planning to open a restaurant, it will be important to have a good idea of what equipment you need and where it should be located. The heart and soul of any restaurant is the kitchen. This is where the menu comes alive, so you will need quality restaurant equipment that can withstand the daily grind of a busy kitchen.

Careful planning and research are necessary to maximize the efficiency and and capabilities of your kitchen. You should consider what is essential to survive in a tough marketplace, including equipment and supplies. If you are opening your first restaurant, follow this equipment checklist to help you choose some of your kitchen supplies including:

  • Safety equipment
  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Ranges
  • Ovens
  • Food prep supplies
  • Mixers
  • Sinks
  • Shelving Units


Safety equipment

The most important item on your restaurant equipment checklist should be the safety equipment. Check with the local fire department on their guidelines for safety equipment inside the kitchen area before making any purchases. This will help to keep your business up to date on safety standards.

Freezers and refrigerators

All commercial kitchens need a freezer and refrigerating unit to prevent food items from going bad too fast. You want a unit that preserves freshness and provides plenty of cold food storage space.

Industrial freezers and refrigerators are specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial kitchens, but choosing the right model is important. There’s a wide variety of units available on the market today. Your choice may come down to a reach-in or walk-in model. You may also need many units, depending on the size of your restaurant.

The size of your kitchen may dictate which model you choose, as smaller locations rarely need a walk-in freezer or refrigerator. Larger restaurants can have built-in units that are custom made to the owner’s specifications. Some eateries will also have an outdoor freezer or refrigerator if the space is tight inside.

No matter your choice, a professional should install your freezer or refrigerator. They can also maintain and repair your restaurant equipment on a regular schedule.


Most restaurants prepare food over an open flame, so a range is one of the most important pieces of restaurant equipment. It’s important to choose the right unit that meets your cooking and aesthetic needs. Most commercial ranges are either gas or electric, so your choice will come down to the style of food your restaurant serves and your budget.


Another important item on your checklist is the range. Most commercial ranges come with an oven in a combo package deal. Many dishes can be cooked using a regular oven, so most restaurant owners can feel safe choosing a basic unit. Selling baked goods will require a convection oven. The fan and exhaust systems in this equipment blow air around the food, providing more consistent heat.

When choosing an oven, you should consider its energy efficiency. Electric and gas ovens can both be energy efficient, with some models using significantly less energy than others. When viewing ovens for your commercial kitchen, be sure to ask the supplier about their energy efficient options.

Food preparation supplies

Prep tables, counter tops, and cutting surfaces are essential restaurant equipment for all commercial kitchens. Stainless steel is the preferred surface choice by most cooks and kitchen staff. The main reason for this is its resistance to corrosion and food or meat juices. Plus, stainless steel can withstand most harsh cleansing products used in the kitchen area.

Your choice of cutting surfaces will come down to either plastic or wood. Plastic cutting boards are easy to clean, but are susceptible to deep cutting grooves developing from continuous use. Wooden cutting boards have a longer life span in a busy commercial kitchen but may be more difficult to clean.


The mixer you choose will depend on the volume of food served each day. If you need to mix dense ingredients for bagels or pizza dough, a spiral mixer is the right buy for your restaurant. A planetary mixer is a versatile choice because the mixing bowl rotates around the blades, rather than the blades moving. If your restaurant bakes often, then a commercial mixer is a wise investment.


Sinks are also vital pieces of restaurant equipment included in your checklist because they provide essential running water. These should be the main location to wash food and dishes and should have a commercial dishwasher connected for optimal cleanliness and safety. All local health agencies require restaurants to install a triple-sink wash station and commercial dishwasher in their kitchen area. You should also keep in mind that handwashing stations, food washing stations, and dishwashing sinks should all be separate.

Shelving units

Shelving units provide a solution to most restaurant storage issues. Shelves can be used to hold cooking equipment, perishable and non-perishable food items, and small supplies like cups and napkins. This type of organization helps to streamline your restaurant. When you speak with a kitchen equipment supplier, be sure to ask them about every type of shelving unit available. You should be able to find shelves of all shapes and sizes.

Restaurant equipment and supplies in Amarillo, TX

When it comes to choosing restaurant equipment, there’s no “one size fits all” solution to your needs. Although this restaurant equipment checklist highlights some of the most necessary supplies, you will need more, including ice machines, janitorial equipment, and dining room items. Ultimately, it’s necessary to choose the right equipment to fulfill your restaurant’s unique needs.

Golden Light Equipment Company can help choose the right restaurant equipment for your establishment. Give us a call today at (806) 373-4277 or Contact Us via email to learn more about our Products and Services. You can stop by at 1010 SW 6th Avenue in Amarillo, Texas to view our showroom and speak with one of our experts about your restaurant equipment checklist.