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Investing in an industrial oven might seem like a daunting task due to the many types that are available. However, even someone new to the restaurant industry can make an informed decision by carefully considering what kind of cooking the oven will perform. Below are the types of commercial ovens currently available, their benefits, and what type of cooking each is ideal for.

Accelerated cooking ovens

These ovens merge microwave and conventional cooking systems for very quick, yet even heating. Accelerated cooking ovens are generally small compared to other commercial kitchen equipment. This equipment is ideal for restaurants and smaller kitchen in universities, hotels, and convenience stores.

Convection ovens

Convection ovens use fans to distribute air over food for rapid, even cooking. They are a bit slower and larger than rapid cook ovens. This type of restaurant equipment can be used in both large and small establishments.

Steam ovens

Steam ovens use a basin of heated water to fill the oven compartment with hot vapor. This equipment makes food taste great, without burning it, and is ideal for use in many commercial kitchens. However, you must be careful when using this type of oven, because it does not brown food, so it will not cook every item thoroughly.

Convection steam ovens

These commercial ovens have both steam and moisture-free convection cooking capabilities. Using this restaurant equipment requires strict cleaning and upkeep, but will provide you with a versatile cooking option that ultimately saves money.

Toaster ovens

These ranges include a pair of cooking elements that cook food from the top and bottom simultaneously. Toaster ovens provide quick, even, high-efficiency heating for modestly-sized meals. Both large and small restaurants can benefit from this type of commercial kitchen equipment.

Pizza ovens

Pizza ovens use heated decks and low ceilings to produce a very dry, level heat and can usually cook several pizzas simultaneously. Their stone or ceramic decks are vital for authentic pizza flavor and consistency, making them beneficial for large and small pizza restaurants.

Finishing ovens

This equipment only cooks the outer surface of food, so extra cooking time will be necessary. However, finishing ovens are great for melting, toasting, and browning the surface area of a food that has been previously cooked.

Conveyor ovens

Conveyor ovens move food gradually within them on a conveyor belt, with raw food entering on one side and cooked food exiting the other. These machines enable constant cooking of huge quantities of small to mid-sized foods. Conveyor ovens can be used in pizza restaurants and establishments that require high-output of food.

Buying used or new commercial ovens

Both used and new ovens have their share of benefits. Used options are considerably cheaper than comparable new ones, and usually are just as effective for most functions. New equipment is often technologically more efficient and have digital controls.

Used ovens are also more prone to having maintenance issues sooner, although a full presale examination should minimize your chances of buying a lemon. Nonetheless, a few features are especially vulnerable to failing and are better off avoided in used machines. Keep in mind that these same features are often quite desirable in new ovens.

Tracking down a good used commercial oven

A used commercial oven should ideally be gas-fueled and have no digital controls. Gas ovens are preferable because they are more cost-effective and feature a more basic construction that isn’t as vulnerable to breakdowns.

While examining the oven before buying it, make sure the door is well-sealed and able to maintain a suitable, steady temperature. Should something not function correctly or seem wrong, contact the manufacturer, who can determine how severe the issue is and give you a repair estimate. Purchasing an oven in need of repair isn’t necessarily a bad idea. However, you should add the predicted repair expenses into the final cost when you compare options.

Finding a new industrial oven

Purchasing a new industrial oven mostly comes down to properly matching one with your restaurant’s specific requirements. If you choose gas, ensure that your kitchen uses the same kind of gas and gas pressure as the prospective oven.

Verify that the inside of the oven is big enough to accommodate the size of the food it will be cooking. You should also make sure the racks can easily support the weight of multiple trays of food. Be sure the oven is properly insulated for maximum power efficiency and a more stable heating temperature. Ovens that are rated by Energy Star are more likely to be effectively insulated. Lastly, ensure that the range adheres to any relevant essential qualifications for commercial ovens.

Golden Light Equipment has the right commercial ovens for your restaurant

Finding the oven that is right for your specific restaurant can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Golden Light Equipment Company in Amarillo, Texas is here to help ease the burden of determining which piece of cooking equipment matches your unique needs. Call us at (806) 373-4277 or Contact Us by email today to request more information about our Products and Services. You can also stop by our office at 1010 SW 6th Avenue here in Amarillo, Texas for more information.