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restaurant supply and maintenance in Amarillo, Texas

One of the most important parts of any restaurant is the design of its commercial kitchen. A design that is well thought out promotes efficient and sensible delegation of labor. It can also conserve energy and should meet all health code guidelines. If you have a well-designed kitchen, you will also have reduced operating and labor costs. These factors can mean the difference between the success or failure of your business. If you are growing your business and would like to redesign your kitchen or design a new one, the following can help.

How to start designing your commercial kitchen

Consider the size of your restaurant when thinking about the design for your commercial kitchen. You need to have a space that allows staff to manage the volume of food orders coming in from your dining room. Ergonomic design helps your kitchen staff produce dishes efficiently and quickly. Think about ergonomic design in this way: your kitchen makes it easier for the cooks to make and plate dishes.

Following local and national health codes is a non-negotiable part of running a food service business. To follow these codes, your kitchen has to have proper ventilation and it must be easy for staff to clean and sanitize. Speaking with a local restaurant equipment dealer who specializes in both equipment and kitchen design can help you understand the codes.

Equipment and supplies for your commercial kitchen

There are four parts to any commercial kitchen, which are washing, storage, preparation, and cooking.

Dishwashing equipment

A busy shift and sink full of dirty dishes will make you realize that a commercial dishwasher is an essential purchase if you don’t have one. You will also need clean and dirty dish tables, as well as a three-compartment sink in the wash area.

Supply storage

Having a storage area for flatware, clean plates, and other supplies that is accessible to your kitchen staff will increase efficiency. Make sure your cold and dry storage areas meet federal and local health and safety regulations.

Food prep tables

You should not neglect a food prep area, which gives you the tablespace for portioning ingredients for dishes. This is also helpful for preparing sauces and dressings. The food prep area makes preparing your dishes more time efficient.

Cooking equipment

“The line,” or the cooking area, needs to have all the tools your cooks need. These include griddles, ranges, fryers, and ovens. The equipment should be placed in an accessible manner so that they can prepare food without having to move all over the kitchen.

Variations on commercial kitchen design

Your business has specific needs and it is important to design your kitchen around them. There is a great variety of ways to put together a commercial kitchen. But, only a basic few of them are common in restaurants across the United States because of their efficiency. Two of these are the assembly line and ergonomic design.

If you are operating a fast-food restaurant, the assembly line is an ideal design for your kitchen. The equipment is laid out in a line, which means that food is passed down a line from one end to the other. Limited menu restaurants use this design as well. One popular piece of equipment found in assembly line kitchens is the convection oven, which increases efficiency.

An ergonomic kitchen is another popular option. In this design, the equipment is laid out to make operations efficient for the cooks. Your goal in using an ergonomic kitchen design is to decrease waste and movement for your staff. They can put together food quickly and better handle the preparation of a variety of dishes in a fast-paced environment.

An example of an ergonomic commercial kitchen design would be one where the ovens and ranges are next to a griddle and prep station. This makes it easier to combine proteins with sauces to complete the dishes efficiently.

Commercial kitchen design and restaurant equipment in Amarillo, TX

At Golden Light Equipment Co., we offer a variety of products and services to help make your restaurant or commercial kitchen a success. This includes professional kitchen Design and the best supplies and equipment.

Our experts understand that each kitchen is unique, so we will work closely with you to create the most efficient design. Call us today at (806) 373-4277 or Contact Us by email for more information about our Services and Products. You can also visit our showroom at 1010 SW 6th Ave. in Amarillo, Texas.