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kitchen supplies Amarillo, TX

Last Updated on: 4th October 2018, 01:54 pm

You may have never considered shopping at a restaurant supply store for your own kitchen, finding a specialty piece you need for a recipe, or for gifts. But, you can find unique, affordable, and durable items in restaurant equipment and kitchen supplies stores. The biggest advantage to shopping at one is the quality of the items you can buy. They are designed to take a beating and be used over and over again. These include grilling and baking supplies, as well as staples like knives, bowls, and pans.

Grilling gifts

If you are buying for a friend or family member “grill master,” consider purchasing heavy duty tongs, mitts, spatulas, or an apron. Someone who grills frequently would love to have a new meat thermometer or a basket for vegetables as well.

Baking supplies

Chain stores and even specialty kitchen shops may not offer the tools you need for baking treats for family and friends. If you need to find cookie scoops that come in multiple sizes, scoops for cake batter, or offset spatulas, try your local restaurant supply store. There are a wide variety of sizes and shapes of pans and baking tools available. Prices here are likely to be better than at a specialty store as well. These items are sold to bakeries, so you can trust that they will be durable.

A classic cookie sheet is one of the hardest working baking tools in home and restaurant kitchens. The repeated use these tools endure make the investment in industrial-grade sheet pans of various sizes important. Larger pans are good for whole-pan dinners while smaller pans may be better for cookie lovers.

Cutting boards

One of the most common food prep items used by home chefs is the cutting board. Some people like to keep separate boards on hand for cutting vegetables and meat. These items are available at the restaurant supply store in various sizes and at affordable prices. They will be durable and easy to clean as well.

Cooking utensils and whisks

You are sure to find wooden spoons, forks, spatulas, and whisks at traditional shops or grocery stores. But, you will not find the kind of selection available at a restaurant supply store. You can choose from dozens of sizes and these tools are heavy duty and built to last.


Knife sets are fun to look at in catalogs and online. But, if you shop at traditional kitchen stores, these essential tools are expensive. For the same or lower cost, you can buy the knives you need at a restaurant supply store. There is an excellent variety of knives, from paring to meat cleavers, and they will be more durable than those found elsewhere.

Mixing bowls

Bypass the fancy sets of mixing bowls and shop for the basics at a supply store. They have bowls of every size and offer stainless steel and glass options. These items will last for years and are offered at minimal costs compared to other stores.

Frying pans

The right sizes and types of frying pans are often hard to find, whether you are looking in your own cabinet or shopping around. Restaurant suppliers offer nonstick, ceramic, and stainless steel frying pans in a variety of sizes. Stock up so that your kitchen is ready for busy days and holiday cooking.

Specialty tools

Crepe pans for making French desserts or special molds for creating delicate cookies are often hard-to-find items. Before you order from a catalog or online, visit your local restaurant supply store to see if you can find what you need. Home cooks will find that industrial suppliers are a great resource for their unique kitchen needs. They offer great deals on high-quality, long lasting, and rare supplies.

Visit your local restaurant supply store today!

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