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chef cooking food in commercial kitchen

Last Updated on: 27th February 2019, 12:46 pm

Technology has been improving and changing everyday lives for decades. New and easier ways to manage daily tasks have been introduced not only in homes, but also in businesses. While restaurant kitchens may appear to look as they did more than thirty years ago, technology has entered this domain as well. The appearance of kitchen equipment remaining the same is deceiving, as technology has changed restaurants across the globe and improved their performance. The following are just some examples of commercial kitchen equipment that have benefited from new technologies.

Combination ovens

Combination ovens are now offering chefs a choice to cook with either steam or by convection, and in some cases, a combination of both methods. Using this unique method of cooking allows chefs to become more creative with their dishes. These ovens offer the ability to maintain moisture levels and cooking times more precisely, which can help restaurants increase menu options and produce food faster.

Rapid cook ovens

Similar to the combination oven, the rapid cook oven gives chefs a variety of cooking methods. This equipment uses the same platform to perform microwave, convection, and regular oven functions at faster speeds, while still maintaining the flavor in foods. Another advantage with the rapid cook oven is that is can capture grease, smoke, and steam, making it unnecessary to have an oven hood.

Tablet systems

Many commercial kitchens are now using tablet systems to replace the tickets brought in by servers. The tablets allow staff to track an order from the time the customer places it through to its completion. There is no longer any worry that tickets might get lost with this efficient system. Some restaurants are implementing the tablet system into their ordering as well. Customers are able to place an order through their mobile app or by tablets set inside the restaurant at tables. The full menu is displayed through this system and gives customers plenty of time to choose their meal.


Touchscreens are one visible change you’ve probably noticed in commercial kitchens. Knobs and dials can still be found on the more significant single function appliances such as griddles and ranges. However, touchscreens are now replacing many restaurant equipment control functions. These are easier to use in many cases and can be cleaned more efficiently.

Alert systems

Commercial kitchens can produce a lot of noise with the number of appliances being used and the hectic activity occurring in them. An LED alert system uses a light shining from under appliances, such as the dishwasher or deep fryer. The light will illuminate the floor under the machine when it finishes its cycle to tell employees when food is ready or when dishes are done. The lights can be placed so only the kitchen staff see when they come on, maintaining the ambiance of the restaurant’s seating area.

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