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Commercial oven knobs

Last Updated on: 12th June 2018, 11:27 am

The oven is the centerpiece in every kitchen, especially in restaurants, and there are hundreds of designs to choose from. Trying to find the right commercial oven for your kitchen can seem overwhelming. However, you can making choosing easier by knowing the size of your kitchen, your budget, and the task you need the oven to do. The following can also help you choose a commercial oven that will fit the needs of your restaurant.

Think about type, size, and design

The first thing you should think about before buying a commercial oven is if you need an electric or gas powered model. Do you have gas hookups in your restaurant or do you need an oven that uses electricity to heat? You may even need one that uses both.

Next, think about your available space. Don’t forget to take into account the other pieces of kitchen equipment you will need and where your oven can fit. If you have concerns about making your space work, speak with a professional to help you design your kitchen.

Consider commercial ovens for small kitchens

If space is a problem, there are three kinds of ovens that can fit into a cramped kitchen. Range or griddle ovens work similarly to residential ovens. The heating element is at the bottom of the equipment with several racks to hold food. However, if your kitchen cooks or bakes a lot of goods, a range oven is not ideal because they do not evenly or quickly cook food.

Space savers are small commercial ovens meant to fit in areas that are less than 20 inches wide and 26 inches deep. They are ideal for smaller kitchens with lighter volume. However, keep in mind that they can only fit baking sheets lengthwise, while standard ovens can fit baking sheets either way.

In general, if you do much baking, you will need a specialized oven. Countertop and floor ovens can be specialized for particular uses, like baking. Speaking with a restaurant supply store can be your best option when you are looking for a specific commercial oven.

Understand the features of commercial ovens

Once you identify the type and the size of commercial oven you need, you can think about the features you would like. There are five classifications of this equipment: convection, combination, accelerated cookers, steamers, and conveyors.

Accelerated ovens

Accelerated ovens are used in fast food and other similar restaurants that need to cook food in under a minute. These ovens are used to heat frozen food, or when you do not have a dedicated kitchen or a lot of space.

Convection ovens

Convection ovens use a fan to circulate hot air, which cooks the food more evenly and faster than standard ovens. Convection models are available for countertops and for floors, so they can be a good choice for restaurants of all sizes. You can cook meat dishes, breads, desserts, and other foods in these ovens.

Steam ovens

Steam ovens are another option you can consider for your commercial kitchen. These are used to cook a broad range of food such as fish, rice, and vegetables. Depending on the model, you may need a connection to a water main to steam foods properly.

Combination ovens

Combination commercial ovens are a mix of steam and convection ovens in a space-saver size. These are among the most expensive models because they use both moist and dry heat. Combination ovens are ideal for cooking meats because they are good at keeping moisture in while crisping the outside. Additionally, they can be set at low temperatures to keep food warm and fresh for serving. However, like steam ovens, these may need a connection to your water main to work.

Conveyor ovens

Conveyor ovens move food from one side to the other end to cook. These are typically used in restaurants that have a high volume of food that needs to be cooked quickly. For example, they are frequently used for pizzas and sandwiches. If you own a pizza restaurant, you can even get a specialized conveyor oven made just to work in your industry.

There is no one-size fits all solution for kitchen equipment. If you are looking for a commercial oven, you must pick one for your specific needs. At Golden Light Equipment Company, we can help you find the best commercial kitchen equipment for your restaurant. Call us at (806) 373-4277 or Contact Us by email today for more information about our Products and Services. You can also stop by our office at 1010 SW 6th Avenue in Amarillo, Texas to learn more about us.