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A commercial refrigerator is a necessity in any foodservice business. Your kitchen may even have more than one. If you think your commercial refrigerator is failing, you may not know exactly how to confirm your suspicions. Repairing a fridge can be expensive and replacing one can be even more costly. Here are some troubleshooting tips that can help you decide if you need to call a technician.

Food is going rotten

All food will spoil eventually, but if your commercial fridge is not keeping your food fresh, it may have an issue. Also, if it doesn’t freeze or cool the way it normally does, that is an indicator your fridge needs to be looked at. If your refrigerator has cooling problems, you will also see your energy bills increase. Over time, repair costs and high bills can be as costly or more costly than replacing the equipment.

The fridge is making too much noise

Commercial refrigerators are usually not the least noisy equipment in your kitchen. But, if you hear strange noises like buzzing or a continual humming, you should contact a maintenance technician. Before doing so, you can try unplugging the fridge and then plugging it back in. If the noises stop for a while but come back, you will need to call in an expert.

There is ice on the outside of the refrigerator

If you see ice on the outside of your commercial refrigerator, it is getting too cold. The ice will probably be thick on the inside as well. These indicators mean that the machine is having trouble defrosting. You may be able to have the issue repaired, but if you are having to chisel ice in your commercial refrigerator, it is time to get a new one.

There is condensation on the refrigerator

When the weather is warm, your commercial fridge should be able to stay cool on the inside without sweating on the outside. If you see condensation, it means the inside is not staying cool. Before calling in an expert, you can inspect the rubber sealing along the door. If you see moisture, mold, or mildew, there is a problem. Food will spoil in your refrigerator if warm air gets inside.

The coils are hot

If you have noticed any temperature-related issues with your commercial refrigerator, you can check the coils on the back. Place your hand on them to see if they are hot. The coils can be replaced, but it may also be worth it to invest in a new commercial refrigerator. This is especially true if the machine is old and showing other signs of wear or malfunctions.

Your commercial refrigerator is old

Refrigerators last for about ten years, so if yours is older, you need to invest in a new model. There are situations in which commercial refrigerators last longer, but if you are often calling in a repair technician, you should consider speaking with a commercial kitchen supplier. They can recommend energy-efficient models that can help you save and keep your food fresh.

Tips for maintaining your commercial refrigerator

If you cannot buy a new piece of equipment or do not think you need one, there are some things you can do to maintain your fridge.

  1. Know your equipment. You should be familiar with how it normally runs so you can catch issues earlier.
  2. It is also important to know the signs of a breakdown and to keep a manual on hand.
  3. Clean your commercial refrigerator. This doesn’t just help keep germs away, but can also help prolong the life of your equipment. Cleaning out drain lines can prevent clogs and keeping the coils clean will help prevent other issues.

Work with a professional kitchen equipment supplier

One of the easiest ways to keep up with your commercial kitchen equipment (and find new equipment) is to work with a maintenance and supply company. At Golden Light Equipment Co. in Amarillo, Texas, we offer a variety of Products and Services to meet the needs of any commercial kitchen. You can reach us at (806) 373-4277 or Send Us an Email for more information.