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commercial restaurant supplies Amarillo, Tx

If you have purchased new kitchen equipment, you have likely gone through many steps. From researching your options to finding the right supply store, buying commercial kitchen equipment can be daunting. There are some steps you should take during installation as well. Here are some tips that can help make the process easier.

Time the installation

You must choose a convenient time for delivery and installation of your restaurant equipment. Also, you should not be open for business because the installation will make parking and cooking difficult. Schedule the delivery and installation on the same day if possible. If the equipment must be delivered separately, make sure it gets there before the installation crew. By purchasing your items from a local restaurant supply, you will be able to get them delivered and installed on the same day.

Make sure your installation techs can get into your building

This tip is meant to make things easier for the supply store where you purchased your new kitchen equipment. Make sure that there is an entrance large enough for every piece. If the delivery staff and technicians will be using a loading dock, clean the area where they will be working. Also, be sure to have the delivery area cleared of vehicles before they arrive.

Clear out your old kitchen equipment

Make sure that your commercial kitchen is cleared of all old equipment before the new pieces arrive. If you are concerned that the new equipment may be damaged or not be correct, place the old pieces where they can be easily moved back.

See if the supply techs will give you a demonstration

It is important to know how your commercial kitchen equipment works. Even if you are familiar with your old appliances, new models may have more features that you will need to learn about. Be sure to ask the installation technicians for help while they are at your restaurant if you need more information.

Complete the warranty paperwork

Some of your kitchen equipment may come with a warranty. If you have not completed the paperwork, make sure you do this before the installers leave. You should also find out if you can set up a maintenance schedule with the restaurant supply to help catch any future issues.

Restaurant equipment and supplies in Amarillo, Texas

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