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gas stove

Last Updated on: 18th December 2019, 01:09 pm

The right restaurant equipment can make all the difference between a a happy customer enjoying a hot meal, or a cold meal and a scathing review. When it comes to the restaurant business, your food is only as good as the quality of your equipment.

One of the greatest debates in the culinary world is whether gas or electric restaurant equipment is better. Diehard proponents on both sides of the aisle stand by their choice, with more restaurant owners opting for gas equipment instead of electric. The reality is that both have their advantages, and both can be a good choice to use within your kitchen.

Benefits of gas restaurant equipment

Gas is one of the most popular choices within commercial kitchens because it’s often cheaper than electric when you compare BTUs. With gas prices remaining low at the moment, gas will continue to win in this regard until the prices climb again. When this climb happens, it’s likely that gas’ margin in regard to cost/BTU will become more narrow.

1 cubic foot of natural gas can produce 1.03 million BTU. One gallon of propane can produce 91,000 BTU. For electric, it takes 303 kilowatt hours.

From a culinary perspective, commercial gas ranges give your chefs added creative flexibility. Any good chef knows that it is easier to play with fire when they are cooking with fire. Gas gets hotter quicker, but it is more difficult to maintain an even and steady cooking temperature.

However, it is also easy to adjust the intensity of the flame, which can make cooking easier during both busy and slow times. Commercial gas ranges also produce heat immediately which means you don’t have to wait around for it to get warm enough to start cooking. Since this equipment is not reliant on the power grid, chefs cooking with gas never need to worry about power outages taking the kitchen offline.

Be cautious with gas restaurant equipment because gas leaks can occur with little to no warning. Whether from a cold snap, or because of a careless employee, a gas leak can halt operations until it is repaired. While this is a priority service that utility companies resolve quickly, it can create a temporary inconvenience.

Benefits of electric restaurant equipment

Electric restaurant equipment is often cheaper to manufacture and more simple to install. Electric equipment is also easier to maintain. It is ideal for use within small kitchens where open flames may present an additional health hazard.

Moreover, commercial electric ovens and stoves cook the food more evenly and consistently. There is also less heat loss into the atmosphere, which can have a positive impact on both the comfort of kitchen staff and the monthly heating/cooling bills. Commercial electric ranges are also easier to clean as they have less carbon residue deposited on them during the cooking process.

Electric restaurant equipment poses less of a fire hazard. Without an open flame present, substances need considerable exposure to the heat before they will combust. A momentary lapse of attention might result in an unpleasant smell, but it won’t result in an open fire.

However, power outages can knock electric restaurant equipment out of commission. However, unlike gas, it is easier to power things back up with a backup generator.

Looking for restaurant equipment?

When it comes to choosing restaurant equipment, there is no “one size fits all” solution for every restaurant. Ultimately, it is necessary to choose the right equipment to fulfill the restaurant’s specific needs. Golden Light Equipment Company can help you choose the right equipment for your food service operations. Give us a call today at (806) 373-4277 or Contact Us via email to learn more about our products and services. You can also stop by in person at 1010 SW 6th Ave. in Amarillo, Texas.