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What Our Customers Are Saying

Golden Light has been more of a partner with us than a vendor. They have done everything in their power to insure the success of our venture. In my twenty-six years in the food and beverage industry I have never had a restaurant equipment company work so hard for me. They have worked on every facet of my facility from the base plans to the hood finish and have always respected my wishes and design needs.

Chef Arion Canniff
SAC Food Group

I have been a Golden Light customer for over 25 years. As a restaurateur , I deal with many suppliers, Golden Light is in a class of it’s own. Every Golden Light employee goes beyond my expectations to take care of me as a customer. In the modern world of Internet buying, the few dollars you may save can never replace Golden Light’s customer service and the satisfaction of dealing with a local business that stands by it’s products.

Kevin Hawkins
Bourbon St.

Whenever I am asked to talk to our new employees, I share with them the difference between the Service industry and the Hospitality industry.
In short –

Service Industry: Taking care of people’s needs
Hospitality Industry: Taking care of people

The Big Texas is in the Hospitality business whereas Golden Light is thought of to be in the Service Business.

When everyone else was saying we couldn’t because it was the weekend, you said give me 15 minutes and I’ll bring you by a case of borrowed soap from another customer. I also appreciate you holding down cost when it seems everyone else is Fuel Surcharging us every chance they can.

Thanks for being the supplier we need in Amarillo and for the mindset of the Hospitality Business.

Best regards, Daniel Lee
Co-Owner Big Texan Steak Ranch

I have been doing business with Golden Light for over 22 years. As an independent owner I appreciate how we are taken care of. In our humble early years, Golden Light always treated us and our orders with respect and integrity. Golden Light has put in 2 new stores for us in the last 5 years, and done a tremendous job. They stand behind their products and their employees go above and beyond the call of duty.

Roy M. Bara
President La Fiesta Grande Restaurants