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Food display case

Last Updated on: 26th April 2019, 11:17 am

Like clothing retailers, food-service businesses also use the art of displaying their own merchandise to encourage customers to buy more of their product line. A good display can make any food, like a piece of cake or a block of cheese, more appealing to customers. Different foods will require different levels of refrigeration depending upon how perishable they are. This is why it is important to have a high-quality display cooler/refrigerator.

Buying specialized equipment like a refrigerated display case can become a lengthy process. If you own a food service business, your first step should should be doing research to find the right product that fits perfectly into your store. You can usually find these cases at a local restaurant equipment store, as well as a vast array of other equipment and supplies. Here is what you should know before buying a refrigerated display case.

Consider display needs and product

The first step is deciding what type of display you need. Are you going to be showing food, drinks, or both? Some units are specifically designed to display beverages, while others are made only for food. You will need to make sure the the cooler/refrigeration unit temperatures comply with food and drink temperature regulations. If a product is not kept at a certain temperature inside the cooler, you could face inspection penalties.

Think in terms of quantity and what your products will look like inside the display case. The goal is to show your products off safely and in an a way that is attractive to customers.

Merchandise quantity

The amount of products you want to show should be kept in mind when purchasing a refrigerated display case. If your business has several different items to show, you will want to get a large unit to maximize capacity. Some restaurants use display coolers specifically for desserts that customers can see when they arrive or before they leave. If your display case is large enough, you could include drinks, savory items, and desserts. This is like what you might see at convenient stores or coffee shops. You can even purchase multiple refrigerated display cases to ensure you have plenty of space for your products.

Merchandise placement

Just like retail products, your merchandise placement is key. It’s smart to have a small case near the cash register. Some purchases may be impulsive, and an attractive display can increase your sales. This approach will help to sell more items before customers leave your business.

Your main objective is to sell products, so it is important to understand the power of suggestion. An attractive display can influence the customer’s decision almost immediately. You can sort your products based on type to show them off in an organized manner and arrange them in any way you like.

Pay attention to features and specifications

If your search is limited, then compare the features and specifications of each refrigerated display case that you’re considering. A bad decision could leave you with low quality equipment, which could hurt your the appeal of your business and sales.

High quality commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment

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